hello friends can anyone recommend to me some good novels for summer reading, preferably w female protagonists that are somewhat relatable

or like whatevers on your reading roster these days yknow


Frances Ha | 2012 | dir. Noah Baumbach

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Sexist-racist attitudes are not merely present in the conciousness of men in American society; they surface in all our ways of thinking and being. All too frequently in the women’s movement it was assumed one could be free of sexist thinking by simply adopting the appropriate feminist rhetoric; it was further assumed that identifying oneself as oppressed freed one from being an oppressor. To a very grave extend such thinking prevented white femnists from understanding and overcoming their own sexist-racist attitudes toward black women. They could pay lip-service to the idea of sisterhood and solidarity between women but at the same time dismiss black women.
— bell hooks, Ain’t I A Woman: Black Women & Feminism

Alexander Skarsgard photographed by Tim Barber for Bullett Magazine

it’s really unfair that alexander skarsgard exists


Details of the LP1 artwork by FKA Twigs


Paris is Burning, 1990 (dir. Jennie Livingston)


this video is my religion, my bible, my everything. i feel this in my bones 

i fucking love this woman so much


La Dolce Vita | 1961 | Federico Fellini

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big editing deadline tmrw and i am v behind so i am pulling an all nighter with much iced coffee and the life aquatic playing in the background to keep me company it is v comforting thank you wes thank you bill


Ezra Miller for Paper Magazine by Autumn De Wilde

dream adrogynous bf

Léa Seydoux - Elle Ukraine - April 2013