This is James Wright Foley (x and x)

Journalist James Foley was murdered by ISIS militants—the video of his beheading is on the internet now. Please do not watch the video; his fellow journalists are asking that people not watch it or share it or any pictures associated with it.

Be careful browsing Twitter and other sites as the images and video are circulating widely. 


This breaks my heart. ISIS is pure evil walking this Earth.

its really disturbing to me that the video is everywhere and people are just watching it without thought or consideration. my heart goes out to this poor journalist and his family.

Anonymous asked: youre the raddest girl. ive had the biggest crush on u 5eva

hello mysterious tumblr stranger that is very nice but y will u not reveal yourself?

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FKA twigs


François Rousseau

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#59 Hollie Fernando

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Pendulum - FKA twigs

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so lonely trying to be yours… when you’re looking for so much more.

ugh this song is everything

fka twigs

Elisabeth Moss photograhed by Matthew Welch

certain people just stick with us for so long that we can’t shake them
and we will love them no matter what, no matter how much they hurt us
isn’t that strange?

shit like this is the reason i have a tumblr


Lena and Katya, Juvenile Prison for Girls, Ukraine 2009
by Michal Chelbin

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